Mad Millie Hard Cheese Top Up Kit


Whether you are a fan of Italian-style cheeses or hard cheeses this Top-Up Kit has the replacement ingredients that you need to replenish the Mad Millie Cheese Kits (refs 18086 & 18085). Kit contains: Shelf stable mesophilic culture, citric acid, cheese salt, cheese cloth, vegetarian rennet tablets, calcium chloride and Mad Millie’s Artisan Cheese Recipe Booklet.

Ingredients: salt (sodium chloride, anticaking agent (535)), calcium chloride solution (water, calcium chloride (30%)), vegetarian rennet tablet (milk clotting enzyme, excipients), citric acid. suitable for vegetarians not suitable for vegans no hydrogenated fats, no GM, no artificial colour/flavour No allergens EXCEPT IT CONTAINS MILK Mad Millie 4L Vegetarian Rennet (Tablet Strip x 10), Mad Millie Artisans Salt 450g (Bulk Pack), Mad Millie Calcium Chloride 50ml [ DARK SHELF], Mad Millie Mesophilic Cultures Sachet (MW3) x3


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