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If you are new to brewing your own beer or wine at home, then why not try one of our easy to use, great tasting starter kits? Most of these kits come complete with everything you need, and in most cases you just need to add water. It’s a great place to get started before you invest in some more serious brewing equipment.


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  • Created as another twist to the tail of the American pale ale the Amber ale takes all the hop attitude of the pale ale and adds another dimension with added malt character.  Originating in the Pacific North west this is a fairly recent style that is finding favour with beer aficionados is now enjoyed all over the United states.

    Don’t be fooled by its name this may be an amber beer but we’ve packed it full of hops from two parts of the globe! Pacific Jade from New Zealand, Cluster and Summit from the United States. These hops are characterised by their hard hitting spicy and pink grapefruit flavour, giving a superb aroma working beautifully with the amount of malt we’ve been able to pack into this beer. Our Specialised Dark ale yeast strain also helps to lift this beer from the ordinary accentuating both the malt complexity and the hop character.

    Our beer pours a fantastic amber hue with a rocky off white head, hop character oozes from the glass giving you a heady mix of spicy black currants, pine sap and grapefruit.

    On the palate this beer shows its mettle effortlessly melding the juicy caramel and toffee malt characters that belie its strength with a fantastic and complex hop flavour that actually leans towards juicy pine sap balanced with a good bitterness but not over bearing.


    Pours light brown, fluffy white head.


    Soft rounded aroma, subtle foral and slightly spicy.


    Perfect soft malt character with a rounded mouth feel, enchanced and held together with a floral hop character with pungent tones of pine resin, and subtle earthy undertones


    Malt Extract, Dextrose Monohydrate, Hops, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing Yeast.

  • Description

    Saisons as a beer style have always tended to be a style that fosters experimentation, especially in the US. This beer combines a traditional Belgian yeast that has accentuated spicy, peppery and fruity estery yet dry character with the best of New Zealand hops and American hopping techniques.

    This is a cutting edge beer style that is growing in popularity in the UK and the US. We’ve packed into this beer two hops from New Zealand, Pacific Jade and Motueka characterised by their heavily fruity, spicy lime, lemon zest and black pepper characteristics that work amazingly well with the unique saison yeasts spicy and peppery character. Dry hopping with these hops means that the hop character is super fresh and bright lending a great drinkability to this already refreshing beer.

    Our Saison pours a lovely gold with a fluffy white head, an amazing aroma of spicy limes, Belgian esters and soft fruit character explode from the glass. On the palate the body is biscuity and dry with a lovely crisp acidity that cradles the spicy notes to perfection. At a healthy abv this beer is still extremely drinkable belying its strength, the perfect hoppy yet drinkable blend of styles in a glass.


    Pours hazy gold, with fluffy white head.


    A cacophony of aromas; lime, spice and the ubiquitous sweet character.


    Crisp and acidic, spice and pepper, sweet fruit esters, complex!

    Finish is long and dry with subtle bitternes.



    Malt Extract, Barley Extract, Hops, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing Yeast

Best Selling Brewing Products

A few of our top selling products online.

  • A general purpose yeast suitable for country wines . Standard form of yeast used for brewing, can be used for beer or wine but more suited to beer and low alcohol wines.

  • oung’s Dessert / High Alcohol Wine Yeast is an exceptional strain that allows optimum wine quality to be achieved with each and every brew. It’s properties include an ability to ferment up to 18% ABV, rapid clearing, low foam formation, and the ability to ferment as low as 10°C means this is a reliable and easy to handle strain. You can expect a taste and aroma profile that will bring the natural grape flavours to the fore, it will also add a definite weight and depth to your wine, making it perfect for high alcohol sweet wines. Excellent across numerous varietals producing classic, true to type sweet, flavoursome wines with balanced mouthfeel and smooth finish, exuding the baked fruit flavours synonymous with high alcohol wines. Making well structured, clean wines that are a wonderful accompaniment to many after dinner treats is what this strain does beautifully.

    Technical Information

    Gluten Free

    Alcohol tolerance: 18% v/v
    SO tolerance: High
    Foaming: Low
    Low production of fusel oils
    Viability: >1.0x 10 CFU/g
    Wild yeast: 1 per millin


    During yeast manufacture, special processs are employed to promote very high leveles of the natural compound – Trehalose within the yeast.

    Trehalose is a natural sugar produced within the yeast cells to protect itself during prolonged storage and stress conditions.

    The very high levels of trehalose acheieved also remove the need for re-hydration before adding to must or wort – there is now no advantage in doing this even for high alcohol wines.

  • Dextrose Monohydrate, gives a clean fermentation free from any flavours associated with Household sugar Brewing Sugar is recommended as an addition to most beer kits inplace of standard household sugar. This produces a cleaner tasting finished beer. Also suitable for wine making the best for Spirit making for a smoother mouth feel.


  • This is a locally produced and well engineered brass coupling with 50cm PVC food grade hose (6mm internal 9mm external)
    It allows easy conversion from S30 to system or other gas systems, connector will fit  on standard S30 valve with or without Pin breaker (the valve in the picture is not supplied, for illustration only)