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Having the ability to precisely control fermentation temperatures can be the difference between a good tasting beer,wine and spirits and a great one

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  • For a faster and more reliable fermentation. Low wattage so is very cheap to run, just a gentle heat to keep away the chill.

  • This Belt can usually be fitted around your Fermenter to provide a steady source of heat for your fermentation during extreme cold in order to keep the fermentation going strong

  • Description

    The Brew Belt ensures that a favourable temperature is maintained during fermentation. The Brew Belt fits around 25 litre (5 gallon) Fermenting Bins and may also be used with two 1-gallon Demi Johns.

    The Brew Belt provides gentle warmth in a convenient and economical way.


    The air temperature in various aituations in which you may place your fermenting vessel can range from 5c to 24c. It is necessary to move the position of the heating belt in the following ways to enable you to maintain the temperature you require.

    Moving the Brew Belt up the vessel will lower the temperature and lowering the Brew belt will increase the temperature. The list below shows the heigh that the Brew Belt should be at four different temperatures.


    5c – 16c – 1.5 Inches

    16c – 20c – 4 Inches

    21c – 24c – Half way up the vessel

    Greater than 24c – Switch off the Brew Belt until the air temperature drops below 21c

  • The Heater Pad has a 30cm diameter. Ideal for keeping brews warm in cooler temperatures, just stand your vessel on the pad

    The Heat Tray Pad from Better Brew is a total re-think of what a home brew heat pad should look like. This is a flexible, round ”mat” which will fit under any bucket or vessel, it is totally wet-proof and has thermal cut-out protection just as our belt. This product has been thoroughly tested for safety to comply with all UK regulations and is supplied with a UK plug.

    Suitable for use with 23 Litre & 33 Litre Fermenting vessels and 5 gallon kegs and smaller with a flat base

    The Heat Pad has a 30cm diameter.

    This heater pad is permanently on and gives off a constant warm heat so it is important that regular checks should always be made to ensure that the correct temperature is being maintained.

    About the Heating Pad:

    Easy to use


    Suitable for all Beer, Lager, Cider and Wine making


    Complete with fitted mains UK plug

    Double Insulated

    UK Plug

    240V 50z 25Watt

    Must not be immersed in water

    A great Christmas gift!

  • A GLASS heater which goes inside your fermenting contaner and has a therostatic controller

    Homebrew immersion heater for stable fermenting temperatures. Adjustable thermostat for accurate control of your brew. Suitable for all sizes of fermenting vessel up to 25 litres, and can be used in glass or plastic containers.
    Standard size rubber bung with airlock hole. 240 volts 100 watts.

    The heater comes factory set to 24 deg C, and can be adjusted by the user from 14-34 deg C.

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