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  • 1 x 25 kg bag brewing sugar This will produce a finer, cleaner & faster ferment.

    The sugar is a spray dried glucose (aka dextrose) which dissolves easily in cold liquids to form a syrup and importantly leaves no after taste.
    Being 100% fermentable, it promotes fast fermentation & can be used for priming during the secondary fermentation.
    It is is highly recommended for use in making beers, liqueurs and wines in preference to household sugar (sucrose – being glucose+fructose, with the yeast first having to convert the unfermentable fructose into fermentable glucose prior to fermentation).
    Well worth the extra pence per pint or bottle.

  • The new Bulldog Master Brewer is here! This highly advanced system for beer brewing has now got advanced features such as double wall stainless boiler – no need for “jackets”, detachable controller which now handles advanced step mashing (up to 9 steps) and many other improvements over the previous Bulldog Brewer, such as a heavy duty magnetic pump.

    Similar products are available on High Street at prices starting from £750 and some as expensive as up to £1500. The Bulldog Master Brewer has been developed with affordability in mind, yet without any compromises to the quality.  your Bulldog Master Brewer will handle all the rest. Mashing, lautering, sparging, boiling and cooling down. Gain full control over your beer making, from the raw ingredients through to the final beer of any type of style – the world is your Pint!
    .12 months Warranty
    Order item only we will inform you when you can expect delivery, around 3 to 6 days

  • Bulldog Sparger takes the effort out of the sparging process. With this unit, you can heat up to 18L of water to near boiling, all ready for use with the Bulldog Brewerwhen it is time for sparging.

    The Bulldog Sparger connects easily to your pump from the Brewer, simply move the pump over to the valve outlet of the Sparger and pump over the hot sparge water, leaving the other end in the top hole of the Brewer. The obvious advantage is that you can place both units on the floor, or on a table. No need to place the sparge water heater much higher than the Brewer, which is not really where you want 18L boiling water!

    Order item only we will inform you when you can expect delivery, around 3 to 6 days

  • carbonclearimages

    Distillers Triple Pack

    Suitable for the  T500 stills


    Turbo Classic 8 Yeast 4 star, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear,8k dextrose

    this kit will give you 20% ABV in aprox 5days @25c  77f

    Note: I have used this kit , I got 4.300 liters @93% in five days added water to make it 40% gave me 12 liters  of spirits =16 x 750 ml bottles.

    works out @ £ 1.32 per bottle

    Cane or sucrose sugar can reduced the final ABV


  • Distillers Triple Pack

    Suitable for the Air stills & T500 stills

    Triple Distilled Turbo Yeast 5 star, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear,7k dextrose. this kit will give you 15% in aprox 6-7 days @ 20c-24c  .Premium Quality Distillate

    Cane or sucrose sugar can reduced the final ABV


  • A polished stainless steel pasteuriser with a digital thermostat and timer and a powerful 1800W heater, manufactured to enable you to pasteurise your juice or cider and preserve your fruit and vegetables with confidence.

    • Adjustable digital thermostat and timer for accuracy and ease of use
    • Safely pasteurise juice and cider in bottles, or 5 and 10 litre bags from bag-in-boxes
    • Holds 13 x 750ml bottles, or 2 x 5 litre bags, or 1 x 10 litre bag, or 14 x 1 litre typical preserving jars (double stacked)
    • Includes grid to sit bottles/bags/preserving jars on to ensure good circulation of water for safe pasteurisation
    • Compatible with the enamel steam juice extractor top to extract juice from currants, berries, stoned fruits & hard fruits

    You can also use the pasteuriser for mulling wine and cider and even as a tea urn for large functions!

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