Air Still Mini Distillery Kit


We have combined our highly popular Air Still with the 10 L Companion Pack, and Fermentation Kit into one complete box to simplify the offering, making it even easier for those new to distilling to get into the hobby quickly and easily.The Air Still Mini Distillery Kit contains everything you need to distill water, essential oil (minus the botanicals) and up to 2 L of vodka.

This compact and sleek stainless steel Air Still is designed for alcohol, water and oil distillate. The Air Still is extremely easy to use, requires no water and is powered by electricity making it great to use in your kitchen, boat, or campervan. Prefect for distilling small quantities at one time.

Kit includes:

Air Still

10L Fermenter with Thermometer

Carbon Filter System with Spirit Collector

Mixing Spoon

Distilling Conditioner

Boil Enhancers

Air Still Fermentation Kit (Turbo Yeast & Nutrients, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear for making a wash)

2 x Flavours Vodka Essences (for flavoured water or vodka)




Purchasers are advised once again that while this machine can distill both water and alcohol equally safely it is illegal to distill alcohol in the UK without the necessary licence to do so. However it is legal to distil bio-fuel for your own use.

Product Description

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