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Better Brew Mk 4 Filter

Better Brew Mk 4 Filter


Better Brew MK4 Wine Filter Kit Housing – for Homebrew Wine, Beer & Cider Making

(Housing only – Filter Pads sold separately.)

Give your brew a professional, clear finish.

This is a gravity fed filter kit. A pump is not required. Use an Extendable Syphon, or just a long PVC tube to achieve the necessary distance (1.5 to 2 metres).

Filter Pads and Siphons sold separately.

Filter Pads available at our Shop include:

2000-Beer – Allows just a small amount of yeast through for secondary fermentation & carbonisation.

1000-Course – Removes most debris.

500-Medium – Red wines requiring a robust mouth feel.

100-Fine – White wines and Roses.

000-Sterile – Removes even the yeast leaving a sterile brew

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