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Chubby 30 L Pressure Fermenter

Chubby 30 L Pressure Fermenter


Ferment and carbonate a full batch of beer in one vessel with this 30 litre PET pressure fermenter.

The ‘Chubby’ is a 30 L pressure fermenter from Keg King – the next step up from the Fermenter King Junior. At 30 L in volume, this pressure fermenter is designed for full batches, and fits perfectly in a fermentation chamber. Made from clear, high-quality PET, you can enjoy all the advantages of pressure fermentation for batches 23-25 L, with plenty of headspace.

The Chubby lid features a gas and liquid post, as well as a PRV port, meaning gas and liquid are easily controlled for transfers, fermentation pressure and serving.

Brewers can  extract bright, clear beer after fermentation by way of the floating diptubes that come standard with each Chubby fermenter.  It also comes with stainless steel handles for easy transportation and the super smooth interiors make it easy to remove fermentation debris, making clean up simple.

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