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Booze for Free: Andy Hamilton

Booze for Free: Andy Hamilton


 “Some guys have all the luck.
Andy Hamilton has ‘road tested’over 100 DIY drinks  –many of them pleasantly  alcoholic- to be made   from the plants of the garden, hedge, field and wood,  and has brought the results to the pages of his Booze for Free. The result is a home imbiber’s delight, full of lore, sense, entertainment, humour, botany,  history and tongue-tantalizing recipes. Hamilton has that wholly underrated,  but absolutely essential skill in a practical matters, of writing with pure  clarity and absolute readability. His recipes won’t let you down. You may  fall down after sampling some of the stronger brews, but that’s another matter”- John Lewis-Stempel, author of The Wild Life: A Year of Living on Wild Food

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