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Homebrewing for Dummies

Homebrewing for Dummies


This review is by  Tim Bentley, a self confessed homebrew dummy.
“The book as a whole is pretty good. it starts simply and continues slowly building on the information already imparted in the early chapters using easy to follow plain     English. If you’re starting from  the position that you know nothing (except for the fact that you don’t want to pay  supermarket prices for beer) then this is the book for you.
There are some problems for UK readers in that the measurements are in US, i.e.  a pint is sixteen fluid ounces rather than the British Imperial 20 oz, and the knock  on effect is that the quart is 36oz and the US Gallon is 128oz (6.4 pints or  3600ml), only 80%  of a standard UK Imperial Gallon (4500ml).”
Pharmaceutical  Note: To convert to UK gallons to make your   British 40 pint brew, multiply all quantities, fl oz and dry weight, by 1¼

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