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Steam Juice Extractor

Steam Juice Extractor

£99.00 £69.00

By far the best quality multi-purpose juice extractor / steamer on the market, in our opinion! There are cheaper models on the market which just don’t compare in terms of quality and durability.

  • The “Mehu Liisa”, is the successor to the original classic steam juice extractor – the “Mehu Maija” – and is an ingenious and versatile product from Finland, the home of berry juicing.
  • This 3–sectioned set of well-fitting pots is made of easy to clean, good quality 18/10 stainless steel. The manufacturer offers a 10 year guarantee.
  • The 4 litre / 7 pint capacity pan with heavy cooking base is suitable for use on all cookers.
  • Cooking by steaming is increasingly popular because vitamins and minerals are not leached into the cooking liquid so foods are more flavoursome & nutritious.

For use with fruits for juice, cordials, purees etc:

  • Perfect for extracting pure juice for drinks or jellies from: black, red & white currants; berried fruits like elderberries, loganberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries; rhubarb, hard fruits like crab apples & quinces and stoned fruits like damsons, sloes and plums. It is not suitable for citrus fruits.
  • Time saving! No need to de-stone fruits or strip stalks (crab apples and quinces need to be halved) and best of all, no need for slow, messy jelly bags.
  • By layering sugar with your fruit, delicious cordials can be made
  • Residual fruit pulp can be macerated in a blender & added to the juice to make puree or be made into jam
  • Pure juice can be used for wine-making

For steaming or blanching vegetables:

  • Excellent for steaming single or multiple vegetables to be served with a meal – approx 20mins in 1 pot
  • For blanching vegetables ready for freezing – this stops enzyme production that spoils produce & is suitable for most vegetables with the exception of leafy veg

Other uses:

  • Use the steamer for making jellied preserves: Caroline Pakenham, author Making Jellied Preserves says of the Mehu Liisa, “I have been using a muslin and up-turned chair for straining for so long that I believed I couldn’t use anything else but I have to say that I have been experimenting with the Mehu-Liisa fruit steamer and have found it very quick. It isn’t too expensive and I would highly recommend it as a juicer and a steamer for all soft and stoned fruits in the making of jellies.”
  • The steamer can also be used for cooking meat, fish and a variety of puddings
  • The base pan is ideal for making soups, chutneys, jams & marmalades or boiling large pieces of meat (chicken, ham, beef or tongue for pressing etc)
  • The base pan is suitable for use as an oven casserole or roasting pot