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Demi-john Heater Mat

Demi-john Heater Mat


These fermentation heating trays are available in four low wattage sizes.

All models have a power on/off indicator light, thermal insulation in the base, and are safe to use with both glass and plastic containers.

The 2 & 4 demijohn, and the 5-gallon, models all come with a built in spillage tray, and a detachable power lead.

This one is designed to fit a 1 Gallon Demijohn or 5 litre fermenting vessel & uses 10 Watts.

Non adjustable thermostatically controlled to maintain a brew temperature approximately 9 deg C above ambient room temperature, giving a fermenting temperature of 22-29 deg C in most domestic environments.

For more accurate or adjustable control, please see immersion heater model.

Works better with a some form of insulation/jacket around the brew container.

Approx dims: 15×15 cms