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Hambleton Bard Now Brew Gas S30 Cylinder New

Hambleton Bard Now Brew Gas S30 Cylinder New


This is a new S30 Co2 gas bottle, you can return it to us for a refill, there is no return value for these bottles, only refill .

g0 to gas refill go tohttps://brewingathome.co.uk/product/hambleton-bard-s30-cylinder-refill/

Faulty Gas Bottles


Any faulty gas bottles are now returned to Hamstead Brewing who will inspect and test them, if they are found to be faulty, we will refund your money, if they can’t find any fault there will be no refund.

Please let the sales assistant know if you having trouble with you bottle and we will take your details and send them to Hamstead Brewing, we will sale you a full gas bottle and let you know of the outcome, this can take up to 6 weeks, we are bound to their findings.

Care of gas bottles

After each use dip valve into warm water to ensure the valve has fully closed or tap the end with a small metal tool and test before you put it away again.


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