Rum Distiller’s Yeast 72 g


Still Spirits introduce genuine distillery yeast strains to make Whisky, Vodka or Rum ( please ask for free recipe hand out with your first order over £10.00) you will need Turbo carbon, Turbo Clear & Alpha Amylase with each yeast. works best with a T500 still.

The choice of yeast strain is of key importance in determining what compounds are form during fermentation. This will affect  flavour but will be more pronounced in the aroma and character of the spirit. The  standard range of Turbo yeast offered to produce a very smith alcohol suitable  to be used with essences to make a wide range of spirits and liqueurs.

All three Distillers yeast contain the same advance  nutrition found in our other Still Spirits Turbo’s, allowing them to ferment to 15% abv without the ‘stress compounds’ that would ruin the alcohol. They also contain amylogucosidase enzyme that will reduce any complex sugars left over from the mash. Use heat tolerant Alpha Amylase for converting starch to sugar during the boil.

The whisky – contains a genuine whisky yeast strain as used in Scottish distilleries.

The Vodka- contains a genuine vodka yeast as used around the world in Vodka distilleries.

The Rum- contains a genuine rum yeast strain widely used in the Caribbean.



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