Still Spirits Easy Water Purifier(With Free Filter Kit)



At the risk of repeating With this still, there are none of the traditional safety concerns when  distilling, and operation is as simple as filling the still with wash, turning it on, then sitting back to watch the collection vessel fill up  with the fruits of your labour!
Now comes with the unique Still Spirits collector/filter to produce the finest quality alcohol The Still Spirits 5 litre Water Purifier (still) removes volatiles as well as bacteria, chlorine and heavy metal contamination which means you will be able to benefit from drinking  clean, fresh, pure distilled water.
The Still can legally be used to manufacture bio-fuel for your own use

Purchasers are advised once again that while this machine can distill both water and alcohol equally safely it is illegal to distill alcohol in the UK without the necessary licence to do so. However it is legal to distil bio-fuel for your own use.

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Still Spirits Easy Water Purifier


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