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Still Spirits Tonic Water Flavouring Pack

Still Spirits Tonic Water Flavouring Pack


Still Spirits Tonic Water Flavouring Pack

All the ingredients you need to create your own tonic water in one week or less! Clean & refreshing with well-balanced sweetness and acidity, hints of lemon, and a delicate quinine bitterness. Simply mix, carbonate, and serve with your favourite spirit.

The kit is made up of flavouring, sweetener, citric acid, and preservative sachets that are mixed with water, placed in a keg, and carbonated.

Due to this being a flavouring product and not a fermented product, the tonic water is not able to be carbonated using carbonation drops and must be kegged and force carbonated.

1. Clean and sanitise a 19 L (5 US gal) keg and half fill with hot tap water
(approx. 50°C / 122°F)’.
2. Add the contents of the Flavouring, Sweetener, Citric Acid, and
Preservative sachets.
3. Seal the keg then lift and shake if you are able to do so safely, alternatively,
keep the keg on the ground and shake from side-to-side for approx. 5 minutes
to dissolve the ingredients.
4. Allow the keg to stand for approximately 15 minutes to settle and cool, then open
and top up with cold tap water to a final volume of 19 L (5 US Gal).the
5. Seal and shake the keg from side to side for approx. 5 minutes before setting the
CO2 pressure on your regulator to 15-20 psi.

6. Refrigerate at approx. 4 °C (39 °F) and leave to carbonate for a minimum of 5-7 days.
7. Once carbonated, vent the gas from the headspace and set the pressure to 10 psi.

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