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T500 Boiler.

T500 Boiler.


Still Spirits 25L T500 Boiler


We are pleased to announce that the Still Spirits T500 Boiler has been upgraded!

The T500 Boiler now features dual element control switches, a stainless steel ball valve tap, and an automatic reset switch.


The dual element control switches provide more control during distillation. When both switches are in the ON position, the element will be supplied full power of 2200W. When one switch is in the OFF position, it will only consume 1100W of power. Adjusting the power can be useful in areas with warmer tap water for cooling and for use with the Alembic Pot Still.


The T500 Boiler is the recommended boiler base for use with the T500 Reflux Condensers and Alembic Dome & Condenser. It is made from 304-grade stainless steel.

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