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Winexpert Reserve Grenache Rose, Australia Wine Making Kit (Rose)

Winexpert Reserve Grenache Rose, Australia Wine Making Kit (Rose)


The blending of these three grapes is a classic, originating in the South of France where Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneuf du Pape concentrate on these varieties. The small, thick skinned berries are deep blue-black in colour, high in extract, flavour, aroma and tannin.

Style: Rose’
Body: Medium
Oak: Medium
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: ~11.5%
Grape Skins Included: No
Aging: Consumption at time of bottling is fine, however 3-4 months of aging in cool dry conditions is recommended

Kit Specifics
– 10L | 2.64 US gal
– Premium-style wines with exceptional body, flavour, and aroma. These are wines with a WOW factor.
– Ready to bottle in: 6 weeks
– Makes 23 liters/6 US gallons (~28 750ml bottles)
– Many Of Your Favorite Selection Original & International Varietals
– Kit does not include bottle labels

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