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Youngs Heat Belt

Youngs Heat Belt



The Brew Belt ensures that a favourable temperature is maintained during fermentation. The Brew Belt fits around 25 litre (5 gallon) Fermenting Bins and may also be used with two 1-gallon Demi Johns.

The Brew Belt provides gentle warmth in a convenient and economical way.


The air temperature in various aituations in which you may place your fermenting vessel can range from 5c to 24c. It is necessary to move the position of the heating belt in the following ways to enable you to maintain the temperature you require.

Moving the Brew Belt up the vessel will lower the temperature and lowering the Brew belt will increase the temperature. The list below shows the heigh that the Brew Belt should be at four different temperatures.


5c – 16c – 1.5 Inches

16c – 20c – 4 Inches

21c – 24c – Half way up the vessel

Greater than 24c – Switch off the Brew Belt until the air temperature drops below 21c

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