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Youngs Bordeaux White Wine yeast 5gm

Youngs Bordeaux White Wine yeast 5gm


oung’s Bordeux white wine yeast is designed to enhance and emphasise the grapes natural flavours staying true to the terrior of where the grapes were picked. Promoting elegant, clean, full and fresh herbaceous flavour characteristics within your wine, this medium rate fermenter will reach 13% ABV. Particularly suited to Bordeux white wines this moderate foaming yeast will develop a concentrated fruit flavour within your wine with many white fruit aromas, always delivering a high quality wine. Consistant controlled fermentations can be expected from this strain, always delivering beautiful food-freindly wines.


Technical Information

Gluten Free

Alcohol tolerance: 13% ABV
Glycerol production: 6g/L
Foaming: Low/med
Low production of volatile acids
Low production of SO
Viability: >1.0 x 10 CFU/g



During yeast manufacture, special processs are employed to promote very high leveles of the natural compound – Trehalose within the yeast.

Trehalose is a natural sugar produced within the yeast cells to protect itself during prolonged storage and stress conditions.

The very high levels of trehalose acheieved also remove the need for re-hydration before adding to must or wort – there is now no advantage in doing this even for high alcohol wines.


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