The following are some more helpful guidelines for choosing the right beer for a particular meal

  • Pale ales with a high hop content pair perfectly with full-fat cheeses or other rich, fatty foods.
  • Brown ale complements most fish or chicken dishes.
  • High alcohol content, sweet-flavoured, malty beers go well with spicy hot foods or even sushi.
  • In general, sweet desserts cry out for an even sweeter beer.
  • Rich chocolate or coffee flavoured desserts can cope with an oatmeal stout’s deep chocolaty flavour.
  • Robust British real ales bring out the best in most red meat dishes.
  • Irish stout is the traditional accompaniment for oysters and complements a surprisingly wide range of seafood recipes.
  • Oriental style lagers or traditional brown ales are fantastic with Thai cuisine.
Food Beers
Vegetable Soup Pale bitters, Porter, Brown ale, Pale ale, Pilsner lager, Vienna-style lager
Meaty Soup Maltly Ales
Shellfish Stouts, Porters, Belgian wheat beers
Fish German lagers, light bitters, Belgian wheat beers, Dry porter, oatmeal stout, best bitter, German Pilsner
Pâté Milds, Strong dark lagers
Quiches & Soufflés Light bitters
Beef Full-bodied bitters, Fruity ale, Indian pale ale, British brown ale, Porter, Bock
Pork Pilsners, Bavarian wheat beers, strong dark lagers
Lamb Spicy malty ales, dark lagers
Chicken Lagers, wheat beers
Turkey Malty ales
Duck Kriek
Game Malty ales, Trappist ales
Sausages Full-bodied bitters, dark lagers, Bavarian wheat beers, German Weizen, Oktoberfest, German Rauchbier
Meat Pies Full-bodied bitters
Barbecue Smoked beers, dark lagers
Oriental Wheat beers, ginger & spiced beers
Curries & Mexican Strong IPAs, premium lagers, Vienna-style lager, Hoppy Pilsner, golden ale, wheat beer
Salads Floral-hopped bitters, nutty, malty ales, wheat beers, Pilsner, Belgian Witbier, amber ale
Pizza & Pasta Malty lagers, Vienna-style lager, hoppy American pale ale, Lambic beer
Ploughmans Hoppy, fruity bitters
Egg Dishes German weissbier, Belgian witbier, oatmeal stout, wheat beer
Mild Cheese Light bitters
Medium Cheese Full-bodied ales
Mature & Blue Cheese Trappist ales, old ales, barley wines
Chocolate & Coffee Porters, stouts, Belgian fruit beers
Red Berries Porters
Apple & Banana Bavarian wheat beers
Creamy Stouts
Spiced Bavarian wheat beers

Kindly reproduced with permission of Graham Kingham of the Craft Brewing Association

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